Bulgari collaborates with the famous designer Alexander Wang to give the bag a different taste and charm by combining the two, and witnessing the new transformation of the classic Serpenti Forever handbags, showing the vitality and enthusiasm of the creation.

In addition to the basic black and white, the most amazing thing this time is the newly added mint green. I have to say that this little fresh color is loved at a glance.

This popular color is to pay tribute to Alexander Wang’s favorite Bvlgari green tea perfume. This is the first perfume launched by Bulgari in 1992. It was used in the air freshener at the time of its own store. It tastes like the color of a bag, and the refreshing feeling is like drinking green tea, which can smell a hint of tea.

About fashion effect, let’s take a look at Gigi Hadid’s street shooting, you can feel the charm of the color of mint green, Gigi’s interpretation of it is the same color with the Hailey Bieber.

In this series, there is also a “small box” that has to be mentioned. Hailey’s look in the pre-heated blockbuster is enough to attract people. To be precise, it is a dinner bag, the size is very small (size 12 x 12 x 5cm), in addition to the unique box shape, its biggest highlight is a detachable, snake-like luxury chain wristband.

The other end of this thin chain is like the Bulgari’s Serpenti Tubogas bracelet, which can be worn on the wrist, giving the impression of buying a bag and a bracelet. It is especially luxurious and beautiful.

Although the size is not large, the internal structure can be very rich, with a full three storage layers and a pocket, small head, open package ritual feeling is enough. The ladies can consider it as the first choice for banquet bags.

In addition, the Serpenti series has a number of great tote and handbags that make the entire co-branded collection rich.

This limited edition of Alexander Wang x Bvlgari is a small subversion for Bvlgari because it has always been a luxury, and this time the king has injected a young street. On the other hand, since the departure of Balenciaga in 2015, Alexander Wang has rarely cooperated with other luxury brands, so this joint name is also very significant for Alexander Wang. There is no wonder on the day the new package was released, the “net red” designer was happy to drive a crazy ladder.