Alexander Wang x Bvlgari ads

At the beginning of this year, when teamed up with fragment design to create a joint bag series, BVLGARI, a luxury brand from Italy, has once again brought big moves. This time, BVLGARI’s partner is Alexander Wang. After leaving in Balenciaga in 2015, Alexander Wang rarely collaborated with other luxury brands. This cooperation series is definitely an unexpected surprise!Hailey Biber for Alexander Wang x Bvlgari

This collaboration series bag invited Justin Bieber’s wife, Hailey Biber, to shoot a publicity blockbuster. The new collection was inspired by Bulgari’s most classic Serpenti Forever bag(commonly known as “Snake Head Bag”). The biggest highlight is the change of the “snakehead”. The original “snakehead” has become more than one, which makes the line and layering of the bag more prominent.

The material of the snakehead has also changed from a variety of gems to purely ancient gold-plated copper, making the original elegant and luxurious snake head bag young and fashionable, with a street feeling in retro. Secondly, the joint-name Serpenti Forever bag is also “rebellious” in color, no longer as sweet and girl-ish as the classic Bvlgari Serpenti Forever bags. I personally love the rocky black, and the collision with the gold-plated brass buckle is handsome and amazing.Alexander Wang x Bvlgari bag size

The limited-edition snake head bag has two styles with handle and no handle. It has three sizes, medium size has three snakeheads, and small size featured double snakehead and a wonderful waist-bag.

Each one has the exclusive logo of the cooperation series, the details are extremely delicate, and the design of three pockets and a storage layer makes it highly practical.

The wonderful waist pack mentioned above is even more amazing because it is completely different from the usual waist bag. The belt is detachable. After removing the belt, there are two metal holes on the top of the bag, right! It also has a detachable handle, so it can also be handled.

In addition to the handle, it also has a detachable chain that makes it used as a shoulder bag.

In addition to the chain, it comes with a leather shoulder strap.Alexander Wang x Bvlgari Ins images

A bag, 4 usage methods! It’s just too interesting and practical. You can also remove the chain and the shoulder strap with only the handle left in your hand, a small one, super adorable.  A lot of fashion bloggers has shown their Alexander Wang X Bulgari bags on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and more.