We often hear people say of Diva in their hearts, “effortless elegance” and “understated sexlessness”. In fact, Diva is more beautiful than they thought. Just like Bvlgari Diva bag, which is delicate and elegant. Ladies who like Bvlgari are also the symbols of legend and bravery. For example — the famous Cleopatra.

Through the ages, many famous beauties in history have secret stories that cannot be told. Like the Egyptian beauty, Cleopatra vii. Ptolemy’s most famous female pharaoh and she was said to be so beautiful, like a venomous snake that she captured the hearts of Caesar and Antony before and after. Her nickname was known as Cleopatra. And she had a more emotional name, the siren of the Nile.

Cleopatra’s life was a dramatic and legendary story. Although she was one of the brave women, she kept peace in Egypt by virtue of her beauty. For their own dreams, persistent pursuit.

Elizabeth Taylor played Cleopatra vii in Cleopatra
Bvlgari jewelry has been a staple of Hollywood legend Elizabeth Taylor’s life, from her looks and red carpet events to her outfits. With eight marriages and $170 million worth of jewelry, Taylor’s story is truly legendary

Feelings, jewelry, gossip may be accompanied by her keywords, but the real, brave, extreme is the background color of her life. Some people say that Taylor lives in a high profile, but I admire Taylor’s courage in life, she has to pursue all the things she yearns for. By contrast, the so-called “low-key” is just a safe choice.

Bvlgari jewelry has always been admired. The brand brings the design inspiration of jewelry to the making of bags and makes the jewelry bags of the brand present the gorgeous and elegant appearance and inner use.

Bvlgari is inspired by the extreme glamour and beauty of the goddess, and Diva series fully captures its attractive charm and elegance. Since Dolce Vita, the Italian jeweler has won the hearts of movie stars, and Bvlgari has been a favorite of elegant celebrities for decades. In this kind of good interaction, the bright and shining Bvlgari Diva series was born, which is full of charm, noble and elegant, highlighting the contemporary goddess’s burning charm.

Launched in 2015, Bvlgari Diva bag has been well received. Spring and summer 2019 show it again. This bag adopts the structure of kiss lock at the opening and closing, which has been launched by many brands at the spring/summer show. It is one of the most popular bag elements in spring/summer 2019.

The elegant girl that likes a bag of this kind of sealing design cannot miss Bvlgari absolutely below these bags, modeling is chic, not cliched, still can help you Hold all sorts of circumstances. Combined with different materials and colors, this bag will bring you gorgeous colors throughout 2019.