The younger generation now has their own ideas and doing things differently from the routine. So they often have the label: crazy, unique, paranoid. In fact, I think they are just trying to be themselves and make the dream and reality more coincident. Those who work hard for their dreams are the real It Girl.

They all say that they know the woman by the perfume, but in fact, the package can also recognize the character of women. The gentle lady loves flower and the intellectual Office Lady prefers minimalism. Indeed, the preference for a bag always shows the temperament of a person. With such a bag, you can see that the owner of ta is a powerful Diva.

It Girls in Bvlgari

Today, It girl is a bit misunderstood. Follow the trend change style, most of them are trend lovers. And It girl never pursues explosives because they all have their own unique tastes and styles. But these unconventional hipster girls have always maintained their unique style and characteristics from dressing to taking pictures. As for asking what is common, I am afraid it is a handbag. Although they have different styles, they are all lovers of Bvlgari handbags.

When the iconic snake head buckle and the classic envelope package are integrated into an endless stream of elements, this leather handbag has gradually become a representative item for judging the taste. Only those person with personal style and aesthetic judgment knows more about the fashion of Bvlgari handbags, and Serpenti Forever Diamond Blast in their hands is the It Bag.

Jolin is famous for her desperate lives. Self-confidence, boldness and fearlessness have long been the label that accompanied her. But the word “courage” seems to be more suitable for embellishing the light of her strong. Looking at a woman who dances into a difficult acrobatics, do you still want to pursue “no effort” or “low-key”?

There are always countless sweats behind the brilliant rays and the power from the strong heart makes Jolin’s petite body always emit a powerful gas field. A woman with courage and personality chooses such a high-profile brand, which is destined to reject the low-key moderation.

The lady’s choices expose their personality. When you choose a handbag, you also choose a life attitude and way to some extent. And the woman who owns Serpenti Forever has lived the way she wants.

There are fairies in fairy tale that help you achieve your wishes, but in reality you only have to dare to pursue dream. In fact, many times, we choose not just a single product, a style, but an attitude. Just like the bold and daring Bvlgari Serpenti Forever Diamond Bag, cool girls have confidence to pursue the dream.