In Western astrology, twelve constellations are derived from the twelve regions of the ecliptic through the sun. Each person has character of constellation. The constellation has its own lucky color and numbers. Find constellation color and good luck will naturally accompany you.

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Aries has a feeling of happy while it has a little temper. Aries, represented by the fire sign, is also very impulsive. Blue helps the lambs to be more stable and comfortable, which is easy to ease impetuous mind.
Taurus is very conservative and likes stability. But Taurus is a well-known wealth management expert and he is very reassured by giving money to him. For Taurus, one step at a time, the orange helps them adjust their mood.
Gemini is very strange and likes to pursue freshness. The cute personality makes many people like to be friends with him. But Gemini’s mood swings are very large and unpredictable. Pink gives people a very stable feeling, hoping to make Gemini friends feel more stable!
Cancer guarded by the moon is sensitive and insecure. Cancer is a person who loves others and is especially loyal to friends and family. Red stands for self-confidence and enthusiasm, hoping to give Cancer a stronger sense of security.
Leo is famous for its kingly spirit. They have grand ideals and look forward to being admired for being worshipped, so the domineering black is best for the little lions!
Virgo has always been called a “perfectionist” and it always makes people feel very difficult. Rose pink helps to make the Virgo look more approachable.
They are the best friends and companions, just like the warm luster of mother-of-pearl. Mother-of-pearl jewelry will definitely bring good popularity to Libra, but I also hope that Libra will be brave and say “no” in the face of their unwillingness.
Many times Scorpio is too embarrassed to themselves. It is recommended to slow down their steps and let everything go with the flow. Green companionship with lovely scorpion, and never be discouraged!
In 2019, Jupiter is the first big star in astrology that came to Sagittarius, which will lead Sagittarius to a better life. The mysterious force that belongs to gold will never let them down!
The representative sign of the earth, Capricorn never fears suffering and likes the challenge. The calm blue-green color allows them to continue to move forward after the temporary repair.
Aquarius, which likes Gemini, has a lot of emotional up-and-down and things can easily sway. Silver jewelry helps them calm down.
Pisces is naturally romantic and passionate. The lover of Pisces can receive romantic surprises every day. For the free Pisces, lavender purple is perfect!