Since the 1940s, the Spirit Snake has been a legendary totem full of wisdom and power, symbolizing immortality and rebirth. It is also the source of inspiration for Bvlgari and the eternal symbol of the brand. The Serpenti handbags inherit the deep historical roots of Bvlgari’s “Snake Head Element” and become the most recognizable design element of the brand.

The Serpenti Viper bag was added to the new Bvlgari accessories in 2016 and has become a sought-after fashion item in just one year. The solid appearance, lightweight body shape and highly recognizable triangular snake head are the inspiration for the Serpenti Viper. The double-layered cover with two colors simulates the triangular snake head, and the design is simple but the temperament of snake is vividly displayed. The buckle is inlaid with sparkling enamel, and the snap button is made up of two malachites, just like the two fangs of the snake, which show the unique charm of snake.

Serpenti Viper has become a symbol of brand that touches the heart with a succinct serpentine. The design of the pattern is inspired by the light body shape of snake and the unique triangular snake head. The new colour and innovative design of Serpenti Viper collection are unique. Its snaps are made up of sparkling enamel and malachite, just like the snake snakes bite with two fangs to protect the safety of valuables in the handbag. Removable leather handles and shoulder straps for added comfort for all sizes. Serpenti Viper collection is perfectly suited to all the clothes in the wardrobe and can be flexibly matched to any styles.

The Bvlgari Serpenti Mini Viper bag is small and luxurious with rich details. Its function is not inferior to that of a large handbag, which has two inner compartments, an adjustable and the disassembled strap. It is a versatile daily clothing accessory. If people mix it with the hearts of themselves, they can shine beautifully even enter the night or transform into a perfect accessory.
The mini handbags are available in cloud topaz, pink spinel and amethyst. The precious malachite shines in the black and white enamel button side.

Bvlgari’s carefully selected calfskin for the Viper collection is smooth, beautiful, luxurious and beautiful. There are two new rare style handbags: Pixel Python style and Shiny Croco glossy are the finishing touches of this collection.

Serpenti Viper mini handbags are luxurious and rich in details.
Serpenti Viper python leather handbag introduces a pixel style from authentic Roman craftsmanship.

The Mini Viper mini handbag is a masterpiece of this classic collection in spring and summer 2017. It’s small, but it’s as good as the Viper handbags of the previous season.

Lottie Moss wears Serpenti Viper series desert quartz and black calf leather handbag