In 2018, in addition to Celine appeared to snap up the old version of the logo bag for the designer changed, Bvlgari actually caused a wave of buying because of the price increase of 10%-15%, many snake head bags became the competing purchase It Bag for customers.

In fact, many jewelry brands have already launched their own bags before Bulgari. But so far, brand can make the bag as well as the jewelry is probably only Bulgari. In 2011, Bvlgari launched Serpenti Forever series, which became quite popular up to now. Not only because of the stylish look of this bag, but also because it has the exquisite elegance of jewelry.

With jewelry craftsmanship of Bvlgari, Serpenti Forever bag with the sparkling snake head lock buckle is super-highly recognizable and has a sense of luxury. The lock on the bag is the most prominent jewel detail. Don’t underestimate the snake head. To create such a delicate lock, the production process is very complicated!

From the brass mold to the electroplating, then to the color enamel, the process is more strict. according to the color of leather, craftsman inlaid various colored stones in the position of snake eye, it takes at least five days to complete a snake head. And each finished lock is like a beautiful jewelry craftsmanship, so that the temperament of the bag has also improved a lot.

In addition to the continuous introduction of classic Serpenti Forever bags in recent years, Bulgari has launched several new models.

Bvlgari Serpenti Forever Quilted Scaglie Mesh Embroidered Ruby Calfskin Flap Shoulder Bag

Serpenti Forever Quilted Scaglie quilted embroidered handbags create a better snake effect: retaining the python feel, perfection to restore the snake scales, royal sapphire, amethyst and ivy tourmaline at your fingertips. Quilted Scaglie mesh embroidered handbag features a matte python head, a black onyx snake eye and a soft sheepskin lining to sew the snake into the quilting.

The birth of this handbag can be described as a beautiful mistake. At the first assembly, the responsible craftsman realized that the pattern on the front of the handbag was asymmetrical when the back panel was bent forward to form a flap. But at the same time, they also found that the final visual effect is extremely elegant and attractive. Therefore, they decided to retain this “unintentional loss” and spread the patchwork technology to become a unique label of Bulgari.

Interestingly, this is also the hardest step in manufacturing. To create an attractive effect, patchwork leather requires two V-shaped embroidery and a soft sheepskin embroidery overlay with a snake scale. In order to achieve the ultimate perfect symmetry effect, each scale is inadvertently sewn into it, breaking the routine and being amazing.