Someone once said: “If you don’t love handbags, you don’t love the life itself.” Then I can say that the designers of Bvlgari are really too passionate about life and create so gentle evening bag!

The story of evening handbag
The handbag change originated in the early 16th century at the social dance of the European royal family. The handbag has been closely linked to elegance since its birth. The combination of jewelry and handbags became the best piece of personality in the 1920s. They have been through for more than 100 years, but they still look like new ones. This is the charm of jewelry handbags.

18th century popular French handbag
French Mary Antoinette Queen Portrait

As early as the mid-18th century, the European continent had already popularized women’s handbags. Then the fashion Queen Marie Antoinette especially loved holding handbags to participate in various grand events. And she is passionate about gambling and she is pushing the fashion of handbags. Jewelry collection evening bag inspired by the prototype is also derived from this.

17-18 Century Casino Handbags
early dinner package

Since the beginning of the 1920s, when Hollywood stars and socialites took a custom dinner bag for special occasions, the evening bag has gradually become one of the standard for evening wear.

Trendy in the streets of New York in the 1920s

The times are different, and it is no longer popular to take a small bag out. Wearing a luxurious jewelry evening bag is the trend of the people.

Handbags are the most intimate girlfriends of women, and every time the fashion bloggers shoot, it will always be the protagonist of the trend that cannot be ignored. And now the Bvlgari Jewelry Serpenti Clutch evening bag can light the beautiful of people when wear them on the body!

The dinner bag is mostly rectangular. And most of these bags are equipped with a bracelet that can be easily carried. This replicated Bvlgari Serpenti Clutch Jewelry evening bag is made according to the craft of brand. Pure black lambskin, which is delicate and soft. The seal of bag is made of rose gold Metal Tab that attached to the body by the screws. Snake head type with green gems pressure closure is unique and luxury.

Spun silk Lining in dark green has a zip pocket, which can order the items. This evening bag also has a round jewelry ring to make bag more comfortable. And the design is unique that looks like the scales of snake, showing special feeling when wearing it. What’s more, there is a zipper closure pocket at the back of body that is easy to keep things at hand. The square bottom can give the strong support to keep the bag stand on the table by itself.