I actually didn’t know the types of leather, and think leather accessories are smooth and delicate. It was not until the party that I saw my friend’s snakeskin bag, which was immediately attracted by this beautiful personality pattern. I inquire about this kind of leather, and then I bought a snakeskin bag for myself– Bvlgari Serpenti bag with gold chain, which is a imitated bag with high quality snakeskin leather.

I chose a blue flip-top shoulder bag with a snake-head jewel. The size of the bag(25cm x 19cm x 5cm) is suitable for person. As I need a daily bag that have not much demand for the size, then this standard version bag is selected. The interior is a main space that can store some necessities. There is also a zippered flat pocket on the back side of the bag to prevent more expensive and smaller items. The jewelry decoration process of the bag is very particular, which has the same appearance as the real one. The leather body with a gold chain shoulder strap is very stylish and luxurious. I like it very much. I rarely know about this type of leather, so I have collected some relevant knowledge and shared it with friends who like this bag.

Snakeskin features
The snakeskin is like a human fingerprint with unique uniqueness! Each snake is unique, so each piece is unique!

Snakeskin scales are neatly arranged in leopard-like spots, which is dense and natural.
Each scale is accompanied by one-third of the skin that is not skinned that is not mimicked by other materials.

The three-dimensional scale is the most important feature of snakeskin. Snakeskin is light, delicate, soft and elastic. Dry scales retain the true touch of leather, giving the fingertips the most beautiful feeling.

The best way to maintain this material is to keep it dry. The most feared of leather is the humid environment, and snakeskin is no exception. A damp environment can make leather prone to mold and bacteria. Some snakeskin treatments are semi-folded. If the preservation environment is too moist, it will not allow the lining to naturally appear in a half-turn state, or even stick to the leather. Therefore, dry preservation environment is really important for snakeskin.

Snakeskin should not be cleaned with any cleaning oil. Only use a clean and dry cloth to wipe the dirt off. Keep in mind that people must use the eraser in the direction of the snake skin, or it will destroy the texture of the entire snakeskin.

It is a very basic storage method when the bag is stuffed with dehumidification paper during storage, which can absorb moisture much and the shape can be maintained in a certain state.