Bulgari new Wild Pop jewelry collection was released in Peking, China, on November 8th after it was released in Rome. The Wild Pop jewellery collection is inspired by the enthusiasm and pop art of the 1980s, bringing people into the wild 80s and enjoying the Italian style of “Larger Than Life”. Bulgari CEO Jean-Christophe Babin, Bulgari brand spokesperson Shu Qi and Jolin Tsai, with brand ambassador Lady Kitty Spencer attended the feast .

Lady Bagty Spencer, the Bulgari brand ambassador

Jolin Tsai, Bulgari brand spokesperson

Variety ShuFanny uses colored gemstones with high-quality jewellery and black dresses to chase pure self and feel the boldness and beauty of the new high-end jewellery collection. And the green Bulgari Serpenti Forever flip bag in her hand adds a touch of colour to her decoration.

Bulgari jewelry is perfect. The brand will inject enthusiasm into the new accessories collection, adding a unique color to the exquisite leather with colorful tones and unparalleled craftsmanship. The perfect combination of high-end jewelry makes every bag unique. The control of color for Bulgari is also quite eye-catching, and its exquisite Italian craftsmanship is also known. Bulgari accessories redefine the modern paradigm of Italian aesthetics with fine leather, which has elegant shapes and quality materials.

The spring and summer of 2017 accessories Serpenti series and BVLGARI BVLGARI series have the perfect craftsmanship, and the jeweler’s fascinating ingenuity enriches its connotation well. They are the two most iconic collections of Bulgari, showcasing the bold and fearless soul of brand, blending luxury with avant-garde skills, and creating each luxury item with Bulgari’s unique creativity. Today we followed this green Bulgari Serpenti Forever bag belongs to ShuFanny into the classic Serpenti collection.

Since 2011, Bulgari launched the Serpenti Forever series high-end bags. And then this classic snake head that is inlaid with jewelry has become the logo of brand. This bag is sought after, not only because of its stylish appearance, but also because it has the exquisite elegance of jewelry.

The brand combines the rigorous craftsmanship of the watchmaking with the bold creativity of making jewelry, giving the bag a delicate heart under the simple appearance. In addition to the decoration of the flap belongs to the lovely bag is unforgettable. This leather bag with beautiful lines is complemented by a gold metal chain shoulder strap. It looks quite slender but solid, and people can hold it or carry it across the body. However, it must be said that this shoulder strap is really inconvenient to use in the summer, which invisibly increases the force to shoulder. Therefore, the autumn and winter is the seasons that are very suitable for this chain shoulder strap. And the metallic luster will add a lot of fashion to the overall wear.