Songs Taylor Swift wrote and sang draw the attention of big fans, because her songs are full of youth and her ideas about love and her experiences. This is the reason why she has a large number of followers from all over the world. Those prizes prove her achievements in the field of music. Besides this, her own fashion style has a great influence on her fans. In leisure life, her make-up, bag collection and affairs also are the hot topics people love to talk. Different from Rihanna’s avant-garde style, Ms. Taylor Swift has her own style on choosing bags. Whatever you dress yourself, a bag will make the finishing point. Taylor likes collecting bags like most girls, and the number of her bag collection is quite large. She only collects two bags by Bulgari. One is Bulgari Serpenti Forever Flap bag in green; and the other is Bulgari Issabela Rossellini Single handle bag in sky blue.

Bulgari Serpenti Forever Flap bag in green
18×16×9.5cm / 7.1×3.7×6.3in
Bulgari is famous for jewellery design across the world. With the development of Bulgari, it has moved into the purses. Bulgari injects jewel into bag design, and the most famous lone is Bulgai Serpenti. It’s Bulgai Serpenti bag that helps Bulgari to establish the leading position in the industry. Bulgai Serpenti has been another “it” bag since it debuted in fall of 2012, whose entire style and details are an echo of Bulgari Serpenti Jewellery. It has been a necessary bag for well-known female stars and fashion icons. If you don’t know it, you are out. It seems that Ms. Taylor Swift is fond of Turquoise color in Bulgari house. The color of the two bags resembles Turquoise. Among the Serpenti Forever bags, she chose the small flap shoulder bag in green. The bright, fresh and lovely color stands out in summer. Taylor matches it with her white blouse and an printed skirt. The whole look is clean and lovely.

Bulgari Isabella Rossellini Single Handle bag in sky blue
14x30x22cm / 5.5x12x9in
Like its name, the bag was designed together by Bulgari and Isabella Rossellini, a famous actress. Isabella Rossellini grew up in a celebrity family, whose parents are world-famous film stars. She used to be a fashion icon in the fashion industry, then she turned to the big screen. Nowadays, she devotes herself to philanthropy and environmental protection. When Mrs. Isabella Rossellini met Bulgari, the brilliant fruit came out. Bulgari Isabella Rossellini bag is a vintage bag. Mrs. Isabella Rossellini expresses her love for her mother and her deep understanding for Bulgari with it. Bulgari Isabella Rossellini bag features elegant, serious beauty and the twist lock in enamel or gems, whose wisdom and elegance stand out. What’s more, it never sells on the official store and in the stores. You can’t get it unless you book one. Ms. Taylor Swift’s Bulgari Isabella Rossellini bag is sky blue. A good color fits in summer. She matches it with a gauzy dress, dazzling. The two bags fits Ms. Taylor Swift well. Right?